Analytical Training Solutions, brought to you by Separation Science (www.sepscience.com), is the leading global portal for fundamentals, best practice, troubleshooting and method development training for chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques. Comprehensive, self-paced online courses and validated learning provides a unique educational resource for analytical chemists.

What courses are available?

At present Analytical Training Solutions (ATS) offers the following LC, GC and CE courses for individual user or multi-user (Site Licence) access:

  • Fundamentals of HPLC
  • HPLC and UHPLC Troubleshooting: A Performance Qualification Approach
  • Advanced HPLC Method Development Using Quality by Design
  • Principles of HPLC Validation
  • Practical HPLC for Biopharmaceuticals
  • LC-MS/MS for Chromatographers
  • Introduction to GC
  • Intermediate GC
  • GC-MS for Operators & Developers
  • Introduction to Capillary Electrophoresis
  • Mass Spectrometry & Hyphenation

Go to our Course Library and try the first training module of each course for FREE. This will give you a good indication of how training on ATS works. Additionally, we offer the Interpretation of Mass Spectra course, which is not run on the ATS website, but via modules available on our Chromatography Forum (www.chromforum.org).

How have the courses been developed?

All ATS courses have been developed in collaboration with leading training experts who have worked in analytical laboratories and understand the issues faced routinely through these techniques. All ATS instructors are experienced teachers and courses have been designed in a logical, modular way to ensure an enriching and progressive learning experience.

What format do the courses take?

Each course is split into a series of video modules (PowerPoint videos with instructor voiceover). Video sessions are generally 10-30 minutes in length, depending on the topic covered, and courses have on average 20-40 modules providing multiple hours of instruction per course. Each course is accessed online in an on-demand format, and upon purchase, you will be supplied with specific login details to gain access. For an overview of modules and instruction hours by course, do visit our Course Library.

Is it possible to track the modules I have taken?

Yes, once you have registered you will be able to access your ‘My Account’ section by clicking on the icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Here, you’ll find a list of courses that you’ve purchased, and by clicking on them you’ll see the progress you are making on that particular course. We would recommend that users run through each course in the module order provided for the best learning experience.

Is there a way to assess my learning?

Each course, as well as having a video tutorial, also comes with a series of questions that can be used to validate your learning experience.

Will course completion certificates be provided?

Yes, all users will be able to download a ‘Certificate of Completion’ from the ‘My Account’ section once all modules of a course have been completed and all quiz questions answered correctly. Don’t worry, you can attempt the questions as many times as you like.

I am interested in analytical training that is not advertised on your website.

ATS is continually expanding to include new training courses. If you have a requirement for any particular type of training course simply contact us to discuss your requirements.


Course Access

How and when do I get my username and password to access the course(s)?
  • Instant access: users who sign up for individual course(s) and pay with a credit card via our shop, will get immediate course access.
  • Manual account set-up: those who sign up for multiple user access (Site Licence) and the ‘Interpretation of Mass Spectra’ course or those individual users who asked to be billed directly, will be contacted via email to help set up your course access.
My username and password are not working or I have forgotten my details.
  • Please go to: https://www.analytical-training-solutions.com/login/?action=lostpassword
  • Type in your (organization’s) email address and click “recover account”.
  • You will get an automated email to reset your password (do check your spam/junk folder in case you don’t receive this email after submission).
  • After the password reset, you can access your training courses by logging in with your email address and new password.
How much access do I get? Each course represents a library of content you can access for a 12-month  (365-day) period after purchase. You can view sessions as many times as you like during this 12-month period, and as all courses are designed logically modularly, you can easily find the required training session. Can I access the courses via PC, laptop and/or tablet/mobile device? Yes, you can access the courses via all of these methods. Can I access the modules from home? You can access the courses from anywhere, provided you have internet access and your username/password. Can I use the service as a reference during my access period? Yes, course access is unlimited for the entire access period – you can view and use it over and over again. However, access is on an individual level – to be able to continue using the ATS courses you must not share your access details.

Pricing & Discount

How much do the courses cost?

All individual courses, except the Interpretation of Mass Spectra course, are priced between US$ 189 – US$ 359. This is an extremely cost-effective price for your 12 months of access. For more details and pricing, including for multiple users (Site Licence), please see our Course Library.

Will I receive a discount for multiple individual courses?

Yes, benefit from a 15% discount when signing up for 2 to max. 4 individual LC and/or GC courses. Apply coupon code BUNDLE15OFF during checkout.

There are multiple potential users at my site – can I purchase access at a site level?

Yes, ATS offers site licences, whereby unlimited users from a single geographic site can access all courses for a 12-month period. For more details and pricing, please see our Course Library

We know that convincing your organisation may seem nerve-wracking, however, our best advice is to focus on how attending the training courses will yield an excellent return for both your staff as well as your organisation. As we are here to help, we’d like you to please download a sample ‘Justification Letter Template‘.

 Is there an option to purchase multi-user access to more than one geographic site?

Yes, ATS offers the option to add to your core site licence one or more geographic site locations, thereby ensuring that all your scientists across your organisation are getting course access.

Add-on & Renew Course(s)

I am an existing individual course user, can I renew my course access?

Yes, take the opportunity to complete your course and get your ‘Certificate of Completion’. Please contact us for a renewal coupon code, which you can apply during check-out, to renew your individual LC, GC and CE course(s) for another 12-month (365-day) period.

I am an existing individual course user, is there a discount when I want to sign up for additional new courses?

Yes, benefit from a discount when you sign up for new individual LC, GC and CE courses. Please contact us for a coupon code, which you can apply during check-out.

Our organisation has a Site Licence for multiple users, can we renew our course access?

Yes, we will offer a loyalty discount, so please contact us for a no-obligation quotation to renew your course access, including the option to add new users to your renewal Site Licence.


Payment & Billing

Online payment for the course(s) is via our shop using a credit card (Stripe). Alternatively, if you would like to be billed directly, please contact us.

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