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Fundamentals, best practice, troubleshooting and method development training for separation techniques and mass spectrometry

Analytical Training Solutions, brought to you by Separation Science, is the leading global portal for fundamentals, best practice, troubleshooting and method development training for chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques. Comprehensive, self-paced online courses and validated learning provides a unique education resource for analytical chemists. Currently we offer HPLC training, LC-MS training, GC training and GC-MS training.

Available Courses

You will acquire a good understanding of the fundamentals of HPLC and get a better knowledge of the key concepts involved.

Learn how to qualify the performance of your HPLC or UHPLC using specific tests that also can be used for isolating existing problems.

Learn a time-proven technique that walks you through the method development process using sound chromatographic principles.

Validate HPLC methods for the analysis of pharmaceutical drug substance, drug product, impurities, and degradation products. 

You will acquire a good understanding of the practicalities of HPLC and how it can be used in the analysis of biopharmaceuticals.

Learn the advantages of adding MS to your LC analyses, and how to use MS to approach difficult separation and detection problems.

An introduction to the theory and practice of gas chromatographic analysis and how to increase confidence and skills in using GC.

Make effective use of your GC instrumentation. Increased knowledge and skills in development of gas chromatography methods.

Become more efficient at setting up, troubleshooting, verifying performance, acquiring and interpreting GC-MS data. 

Want a better understanding of the CE, or looking to start with CE and want to be well prepared. If so, this course is for you. 

Learn the principles of how mass spectra are produced and how to analyse the spectra to derive valuable structural information*.

Why take the Courses

Self-paced Validated Learning

All ccourses are created by analytical training experts and segmented in a logical way to ensure the most effective educational experience. All course modules are supplemented by quiz questions to validate your learning.

Certificate of Completion

Users can monitor progress via their ‘My Account’ page. Once all the course modules have been viewed and all quiz questions answered correctly, users will be able to download a course completion certificate.

Cost-Effective Learning

Course purchase provides 6 months of unlimited access to expert-developed learning materials, course monitoring and certificate of completion all for just US$ 165 per course (except for ‘Interpretation of Mass Spectra’*).

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* ‘Interpretation of Mass Spectra’ is a remote-learning course taken over 5 weeks with technology expert David Sparkman. Click the icon in the ‘Interpretation of Mass Spectra’ section above for more details.