GC-MS for Operators and Developers

‘GC-MS for Operators and Method Developers’ is specifically designed for GC users and operators. Fundamental principles, when presented, are done so with a focus on the practical aspects and applications as might be applied on a daily basis. Those who complete this course should be more efficient and comfortable at setting up, troubleshooting, verifying performance, acquiring and interpreting GC-MS data. As with “Introduction to GC” and “Intermediate GC” courses, the GC-MS course is organized into chapters and modules. The chapters focus on given themes and the modular structure underneath exposes students to subtopics within time-efficient segments. This course is designed for users of gas chromatographs who are looking to further development their method development and troubleshooting skills in GC-MS.

For a better understanding of the course format, view the first module below:

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