Site Licence – Mass Spectrometry and Hyphenation


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Course Description

Embark on a comprehensive exploration of mass spectrometry and its diverse applications. Delve into the intricacies of different ionization techniques and analyzers, with a focal point on utilizing the molecule’s structure to guide users towards the appropriate ionization and sample introduction techniques. The course underscores the significance of mastering the correct nomenclature and performance criteria for mass spectrometers, fostering clear communication in experimental design and result dissemination. Participants will gain invaluable insights into data interpretation strategies, accompanied by simple mechanistic approaches to fragmentation. The curriculum seamlessly integrates these principles with fundamental tandem mass spectrometry concepts, fostering an understanding of the behavior of odd and even electron species.

Course Highlights
  • In-depth exploration of various ionization techniques in mass spectrometry
  • Comprehensive overview of different analyzers used in mass spectrometry
  • Utilization of molecular structure for guiding ionization and sample introduction strategies
  • Emphasis on mastering nomenclature and performance criteria for effective communication
  • Strategies for data interpretation and basic mechanistic approaches to fragmentation
  • Integration of principles into tandem mass spectrometry, focusing on odd and even electron species behavior

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Yes, ATS offers the option to add to your core site licence one or more geographic site locations, thereby ensuring that all your scientists across your organisation are getting course access.

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